Geraint Ellis : Author


Born on the Isle of Anglesey - a stone’s throw from the ancestral home of the Tudors, the author hails from a long line of creative artists who lived in Beaumaris.

His great, great, great grandfather  born a decade before Beethoven, was an organ builder and musician. (Google, Lewis Ellis Anglesey) 

Educated in Germany, Oxford and York, the author’s professional career was in Education in England. He retired at the age of fifty two, and returned to live in his native Wales. He is married to Margaret, and they have two sons, Matthew and Robert.


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'Snowdon from the authors home'

Dave Newbould. Reproduced by kind permission from his christmas card selection.

Theatre Play

'Unintended Consequences' (Golden Gate Bridge suicides) - A dark, one act theater play set in a mental health clinic in the USA.