'Face to Face with' ~ Geraint Ellis


Taken from and reproduced by kind permission of ‘Hunan-bortread’ October 2009 issue.


You’d been told about him. Something to be going on with the boss said. You’d been told he’s five foot nine and slim. And you’d been told he’s been doing yoga exercises every morning for thirty years. Before breakfast it seems. You’d been told he’s married with two grown up sons and two grandchildren. Like you he’s into fast cars. (VW’s) Unlike you he’s bilingual. You’d also been told about his music background and of his lifelong obsession with understanding why people are the way they are.
But you’d been told to stay clear of all that. You’d even been told to stay clear of the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table connection. Stick with his book the boss said. Get a take on ‘Reaching Out ~ Reaching In’. And don’t forget to ask about Ioan Gruffudd; where exactly he fits into all this …

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