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‘It’s Never Goodbye’ 


An Exploration of Love, as Four Women & Two Men embark on a voyage of Self-Discovery


 A 1970’s ‘Great Expectations’, set in a Spectacular Location on the

Banks of the Menai Straits.


Soon after World War 2, an unforeseen calamity throws together two young boys from widely differing backgrounds. They become lifelong friends.



The two boys are now forty-something happily married University Academics. (Think Frasier Crane & brother Niles)Though obsessed by the Nature of Attraction, they fight their pre-programmed inclination to have sex with all women who fit their template of desirability and concentrate instead on the

Nature of True Love

Does love happen at first sight? Or is it something that grows over a long period of time? Can one genuinely fall in love both ways during one lifetime? - And what of the secret feelings of one of the men for his best friend’s mother?

Love outside one’s age group – younger, older. (Couldn’t Pip have fallen for Miss Havisham?) And who in the final outcome will be able to explain the true nature of

Unconditional Love?


Meanwhile, unbeknown to either man, the Four Women also have firm views on the direction their lives should take. And what will be the result of accepting into their circle the beautiful student Julia? - A person who not only prefers the company of people older than herself but, through her observations and quietly discerning nature, soon knows more than she dare reveal …



Each of the Four Women & Two Men believes their perspective true, complete. Yet no individual ever has the Complete Truth; only a constituent part. Even the narrator’s knowledge is limited this way …


To the Whole Picture, only the Reader is initiated v


~ ~ ~



Of Peace & War

Pre-war tranquillity then WW2, seen through a child’s eyes, overseen by his adult self

The 1930’s & 1940’s

A boy’s exuberant view of his world, pre-war Anglesey, is unaffected by the appalling deprivations he and the island community endure: Living conditions described, ‘In many ways worse than the slums of Canton, China’.

The squalor takes its toll: Those who are not detained for life in the  Lunatic Asylum choose to end it all, quickly, by                  jumping off one of the two bridges                                                        

An indication that WW2 is not far away is made plain when the family gaze in respectful silence at the doomed submarine HMS Thetis, beached at a nearby bay, with 99 bodies still entombed                                                                                         

But the outbreak of that war brings with it untold distractions and enormous benefits … Eight new Airfields are built. Many thousands of medium and heavy USAAF Bombers fly to his small island, while the army of GI support staff are heavily armed with chewing gum, chocolate and long white balloons …

From the Normandy Landings the story builds to an excruciating climax as one cousin’s Infantry Division runs headlong into  4 days of bloody warfare to liberate the town of Hertogenbosch in southern Holland .                                              

The novel reovolves around Two Main Characters however:  Aunt Lizzie, whose unfulfilled desire in life is to have a child, any child, she can call her own. And 17 year old cousin James, a pacifist and aspiring Children’s Author, whose aim in life is to      make people laugh, not fight                                                                                                                                                                     

But what price will Aunt Lizzie and James pay for the space they occupy in life, the stands they take?