The author particularly admires the work of the young journalist who recently interviewed him for the ‘Face to Face with ~’ series in ‘Hunan-bortread’. (Excerpts from this appear under ‘Press Interviews’ of this website) 

As the journalist later admitted, he never envisaged that he could connect ~ King Arthur - Ioan Gruffudd - Plantagenet Castles - Phillip Pullmans’ teacher – Pirandello -Owain Glyndwr - Robert Graves – Jazz – William Morris – American Popular Song – Jamie Leigh-Curtis – Meryl Streep – Anthony Hopkins – Rodin – Groucho Marx – Peter Pan – ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica’ – Charlotte Rampling – ‘Sunset Boulevard’ – Steven Spielberg – Joyce Cary – The Golden Gate Bridge – David Swimmer – Jeeves – Post-Roman Britain – Fast Cars – Aristotle ~ to the on-going work and experience of this author. But much to his surprise the connections are all there! 

In the same interview we also discover the many sided nature of the authors’ Creative urges as reflected at different times in his life in: Academia/Conducting/Mainstream Jazz performance/House design and build/Working in wood. We even see inside his seaside Victorian Apartment with its recently converted modern minimalist interior – study the author’s body language, discover his attitude to health, his approach to writing and get to know more about his current writing projects. 

Sit back. Make yourself a coffee. Read on.

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